Can you Add an SSL to a Hostname Attached to No-IP’s Domain?

Yes! You can!

We have recently introduced a solution for using SSLs on our Free and Enhanced hostnames.
You will need both the SSL and Mail Forwarding to obtain the certificate.
Below are the current steps you can take to accomplish this.

1. Create a hostname in your No-IP account.

2. Purchase Mail Forwarding. You will use the hostname you just created as the domain for this service.

Make sure that the MX record for this hostname is set to
You can do this from your DNS Records page.
Click Modify next to the domain to find the MX Record field.

3. Set up the Forwarding for “admin” at your hostname.
For example,, and set an email you can already receive at.
Such as your personal email.
You can find more information from our Knowledge Base Guide.

4. Purchase the SSL for your hostname from your No-IP account and create a CSR.
You can find some guides for CSR creation from our Knowledge Base.
There are many available CSR creators. For example, the openSSL wizard here.

5. Check the CSR. This helps cut down on time/errors when uploading the CSR through our UI.
For example, the digicert checker here.

6. Upload the CSR from your No-IP account by clicking the Add CSR button. From your No-IP SSL page, you will select your server type and Copy/Paste the CSR.

7. Once you click the “Add CSR” button (and there are no errors), you will be taken to the SSL Verify info page. You will fill out the required info, choose the “admin” email you created in step 3 and press the Confirm button.

8. You will receive an email from “” with a link to Approve the SSL. Click Approve and you will see a thank you message.

After a while, you will receive an email from with the SSL at the bottom and verifying the setup is complete, as well as some links to their KB for install help.

Feel free to contact our Customer Support if you have any questions.